Terms of Service

Scope of terms

If you’re on our site you agree to these terms. If you don’t agree to the terms outlined below, your only course of action is to leave the site.

When the term ‘we’ is used in this document, we mean the Monero Community Workgroup. When we use the term ‘you’ in this document, we refer to the user or client of the site.

Limited liability

We provide this information on the site ‘as is’, and for informational purposes only, and we are not responsible for how you use this information. If you use this information to damage yourself (personal injury), others, or otherwise cause damage (material, reputational, or otherwise) due to the information on this site, we can’t be held liable. You chose to do those actions. Not us. This also applies if the information presented by us is incorrect for whatever reason, even if purposeful or negligent.

The above also applies with how you use the items you purchase. We ask that you do not use these items to harm yourself or others, but if you do we are not responsible for it, you are.

Intellectual properties & trademarks

Any names or logos used on products or services offered on this website are used with permission, and all intellectual properties (IP) and trademarks belong to their respective owners. DO NOT ASSUME THAT ALL MATERIALS HAVE A CREATIVE COMMONS ATTRIBUTION LICENSE (though many do).

The Monero Community Workgroup logos are released under the Creative Commons Attribution license.

Governing law & dispute resolution

Your access to our site, including any disputes with us, are governed under the laws of Illinois and the USA. Use of the site means you accept that you agree to personal jurisdiction by and venue in the state and federal courts in Illinois, and waive any objection.

Other random things we aren’t responsible for

It goes without saying, but there are some parts of this process that we do not directly oversee, so cannot be responsible for. We list them below (though more may be added later):

Shipping: Any delays or issues are outside of our hands. We can try to assist you if there is a problem during the shipping process, but once the ordered items have shipped, we can’t take any responsibility for their state or shipping delays.

Certain international fulfillment: There are additional potential issues with international fulfillment should we use it for a product. If there is an issue with your item, let us know and answer questions we may have. We will do our best to fix the issue.

Payment processing: We use a payment processor to process credit and debit cards, so in the event that there is a problem with the processing of your payment, you’ll have to check with them, your financial institution, or card supplier. We may accept multiple cryptocurrencies, and we are not responsible if the user accidentally sends money to the wrong address. Please double check the address before you send. If we are required to cancel a purchase because our payment processor or we decide that we have received suspicious coins ("tainted coins") that present a potential compliance risk (determined by our own assessment for which we have ultimate authority), we may reject your payment and are not liable for any complications of this, including possible nondelivery of your product or service or early termination.

Right to change

We reserve the right to change these Terms of Service at any time and for any reason. The date that the Terms of Service has changed will always be displayed at the bottom of this page. Exact changes between dates and versions can be supplied upon request.

Updated April 11, 2020